This is one of my favorite portraits. It has movement and action and drama. It also has a great story behind it.

Kristin was in a bad house fire. Everyone in the house got out safely, but the experience really affected her. She developed a fear of fire. To the point that she was afraid of any type of fire: campfires, candles, cigarette lighters.

Kristin decided to confront her fear and overcome it. So she took up Poi. Poi is a form of juggling where balls are attached to strings and are swung around the body. On fire.

I took this photo as part of an advertising campaign. The crew were nervous about her lighting these balls on fire in the studio. Fortunately, Kristin convinced the crew that it was perfectly safe and we got this shot. Something nicely poetic about someone who used to have a fear of fire convincing a bunch of stage hands to not be afraid of fire.

Kristin with Poi Ball

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